Friday, November 03, 2006


We are here! And it's beautiful. Everywhere we look has sea. The island is small, so it's impossible to get away from the sea. And it's hot, but with a lovely, cooling sea breeze. I (Tim) have been exploring part of the Island with the girls, while Jo has been working at the hospital, revising her general medicine - a real variety of pathologies - interesting for a doctr, perhaps less interesting if you're the patient. She's off on an emergency helicopter trip to retrive a sick man off another island now, so I've been called back from the clinic!

Everyone here is very friendly - people just saying hello on the street. (Mind you we've experenced the same thing in Sheffield and in Picton, though without the heat!) And shopping is very very expensive - so if you feel like sending us a luxury (without violating quarantine laws) then please do!

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