Monday, November 27, 2006

Jo's negotiations

Jo stitched up someone's wound in the middle of last night.
Seeing him today she said "You should give me a big fish for sewing you up last night."
"No I won't," he said. "You catch a fish, and I'll give you a recipe!"

On Wednesday we are off to a place called Coconut Island tomorrow. It has an exclusive resort there where people like Russel Crowe stay (probably when they're slumming it). I don't think we'll be allowed in. They'll take one look at our mess and lack of designer clothes and lock the gates. However, they will let us treat any of their sick guests; the health centre gets a mention on their website - and I'd be very surprised if there was more than one health centre. We're there to work at the clinic, by the way, not doing sight seeing. Well, I'll probably be doing the clinic while the rest swim and snorkel. I shall tell Jo she should catch me a fish. She'll probably just get me a nice recipe instead, though.

Then on Wednesday we go to Warraber Island and do a clinic there on Thursday before coming back here. I don't think they have an exclusive resort, just a local council. For these pair of clinics we'll fly in a teeny weeny (maybe even a toy) aeroplane, hopefully with beautiful views. It should be an amazing experience.

It does mean there are unlikely to be any blog posts for Wednesday or Thursday, so as you've been very good, you can all have a couple of days off. But be warned - I might try and write something tomorrow...

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