Monday, November 13, 2006

All that fish and no chips

The big news today (and I'm hovering around the phone waiting for CNN to call) is that I have caught my first ever fish! I think it was Imogen's help that did it. We actually caught 3 - one probably a baby snapper, the second a rock cod that was nearly as big as this (in just the same way that I look like this!) and something called a ling. Or not. We don't really know. The first and last went back in the sea, as they were too small too eat. ("Why?" as Imogen asked, about this and almost everything else.)
Our plan was to get chips just in case we caught anything, but the chip shop was shut.

The funniest moment, however (unless you're me, of course) was swinging the line around my head to cast it and hitting myself very hard on the forehead with the weight. I may be the only person ever to get a black eye from fishing. No, don't laugh. I said don't...

This morning Imogen's bus to preschool forgot to pick her up (not an unusual occurence around these parts, apparently) so we had to walk. It's a scenic walk, and not too far, but it added about an hour and a half to my morning.

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