Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Dr Jo

Hello! Miracles do happen. No.1, the man with the severe head injury Jo "choppered" in to T.I. two weeks ago is walking and talking now. Just four days ago he was not expected to live. A very happy day for his family. No. 2, Tim has had a tie-dying session with Imogen, Emily and Charlotte today with three gorgeuos T-shirts the result. (see future pictures, no doubt). Yesterday he baked shortbread with them and an extra little three year old girl (no he didn't bake the little girl, just the biscuits), also named Mimi. He will be darning socks and making jam tomorrow. Jo continues to learn more and more about renal failure, diabetes and abscesses. Who would you rather have dinner with, the chef or the girl who spends her day with pus?
Anyway, what's the weather on T.I. tomorrow? 25-33degrees, windy and about 85% humidity, at a guess. And what does climate change therefore have in store for these low-lying isles? Tomorrow night there is a meeting on the island about just that; organised by one of the other doctors here (Mimi's mum, in fact) so I will be very interested to attend.
Then Friday night we have Christmas Carols by candlelight.
V. tired now.
Love to all who read

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