Sunday, November 26, 2006

Music and Money

Last night (Saturday) Imogen and I went to a performance of Summer from the Four Seasons by Vivaldi. This was part of a documentary filming each season with a different soloist in a different location: Summer was here on Thursday Island, Autumn was in New York, Winter was in Finland and Spring was in Japan. They've been filming for 2 years now. The orchestra was a very photogenic group of young Australian player, and they played very very well. Hearing the fast sections played so tightly together, yet quite ferocious in attack was extraordinarily exciting. Imogen was very good indeed, sitting quietly throughout. They played 4 takes, but we only stayed for the first, as it was getting late and could have gone on for hours.

Jo was on call at the hospital and it was a really really busy day. She was so tired when we got back, so I covered for her in the hospital seeing the A+E patients. Again, today, Jo did the morning shift and I did the afternoon shift. Jo's favourite thing about this is that she is getting paid for the work - so all the overtime that I do will go into her bank account. Some say I should get a better negotiator.

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