Thursday, November 09, 2006

What's on TI?

I've been walking everywhere, pushing that big double buggy (now christened "Daddy's pretend bus") and my calves are aching. If you look here, you'll see a map of TI - just imagine me walking along the bottom of the island, from the hospital in the far south-west corner to the area inland from that first jetty. It doesn't look far, does it? And actually, it's not, but on an island this small everyone's perspective changes. "You can't walk to playgroup, it's over the other side of the island!" It's not even that far. But today I got the playgroup bus. My excuse was that it would be fun for the girls to go on the bus - especially as Imogen has been going to preschool on a bus on her own - but actually I was just tired! Ahh, poor me.

The weather is hot and the wind has dropped leaving the humidity high, and the sea as smooth as glass. Even Imogen seemed to understand my explanation of humidity.

So, on a usual day, I walk through the little town (called Port Kennedy, I learned yesterday) which has a supermarket, a chemist, a newsagent (which sells lots of other stuff, too, icluding having a Retravision inside!) a computer shop, a Christian book shop (with some very strange signs in the window, including an ode in praise of the military). More interesting, though are the other random shops who seem to sell anything they can get their hands on - fishing tackle, ham, plastic cups. I'm going to try and find a trombone in one of them, just as a challenge to myself. (My favourite shop name is "Migi clos shop" which looks like it sells clothes for children, and then you realise the name must be in the local creole. I haven't been in as the buggy won't fit.) There's also a nice little library.
The cultural centre which, like most proper art galleries serves the best coffee in town. It also has a fabulous little playground - I think we'll be going there regularly. (Looking at the picture, it looks like you can't see the sea from here - but actually it's just behind Jo taking the photograph!)

Tomorrow I'm back at work, and after last week (which I've come to think of as being on call for family duties!) I should be able to complete a whole day. This will include registrar teaching for 2 hours, something I'm quite capable of getting excited about.

That's all for now. I'm sure Emily said lots of amusing things today, but I can't remember any of them. She is developing into a little Imogen, though. And Jo pointed out today that Imogen is a little Jo. So Charlotte must be me, but I don't see it myself.

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The Goughs said...

Abbi and her friends would like to know why it is called Thursday Island. Abbi's Dad wants to know where is Friday Island. We look forward to your response. Great photos and diary notes. We will keep following your blog news.