Monday, November 27, 2006

Readers' Requests

We've had our first Comment! You can find it here. Thank you to our friends in Picton, the Gough Family, and hello to you all.

They ask some rather specific questions, so I'll answer them here!

If you imagine sailing in to Thursday Island from the East as the first European sailors would have done, they come across quite a few islands.

I have a feeling that Captain Cook (for I think it was he) would have sailed in, seen these rather beautiful islands and rested on a small island just north east of Horn on this map. I suspect this happened on a Tuesday, so they called it Tuesday Island. Imogen and I went there, it's beautiful and deserted. From there you can see the next island to the West, and they would have travelled there on the next day. Therefore, they would have called it Wednesday Island. It's slightly larger, just north of Horn Island. We've not been there.

On the next day, They would have sailed to the next group of islands, and landed at the one most sheltered from the wind - it's much smaller than Horn and Prince of Wales nearby. This they called Thursday Island, and is where we are now, obviously. This shelter is why it took off as the administrative base for the area.

Just West of here is another Island which they would have gone to the next day, and called Friday Island. We've not been there either.

After this, they probably had a comment on their blog from someone suggesting they came up with more imaginative names. So they landed on a small island south of here and claimed it for England, probably with a nice little flag, and called it Posession Island. There's another one closer to the mainland called Entrance Island, where 2 people live, I'm told.

I've had a few requests for tie-dye T-shirts too. And one request to darn their jam (thanks mum!) I'm still thinking about it.

Maybe I should have a daily poll!
If you think I should put your hands up now.
And if you think I shouldn't put your hands up now.

Hmmm. That's interesting...

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