Thursday, November 16, 2006

Imogen, Emily and Charlotte

Well, it's late morning (any normal people might consider it early, but we've been up hours and hours by now!) and the three girls are playing very nicely together. Emily just turned to me and said "No, don't look for us daddy!" so I always do what I'm told. They play all sorts of games, from squirting water in syringes over the balcony, to climbing up the fence with next door's balcony, to doing jigsaws, to putting a baby in hospital. When you listen in, you hear comments like Emily saying to Charlotte "You're taking the paper off, are you?".

Yesterday we built a bus in the front room - as you know Imogen goes to pre-school in a bus, and so Emily and Charlotte have developed a bus fixation. Today we will be going to play group because we get to go on a bus. (It sounds like they don't enjoy playgroup - they do, but they get more excited about the bus journey.

As Imogen has taken to snorkelling so well, we bought her her own snorkel yesterday. She calls it a snorgal and I think it may well catch on. She hasn't tried it out yet, but was walking around the front room wearing it. (I hoped she would watch play school wearing it, but she took it off. It will haved to remain an enduring mental image...) We might try it out today in real water. It's encouraged her to swim herself with no holding hands or floats.

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