Friday, November 24, 2006

Comments on previous posts

Well, how many of you have noticed the gems from these previous posts:

This picture was taken while walking through the cemetery where I asked: "Does this path stop in a dead end?"

Don't all paths in cemeteries stop in dead ends?

(And some of you will be pleased to see I've spelt cemetery differently this time - I'll let you work out which is right!)

"The afternoon is taken up with collecting our box of vegetables from Cairns - it sounds like it takes a long time"
It has come to my attention that that sentence may perhaps be a little misleading. I didn't actually walk to Cairns. I just walked around the corner!

This is Jo in the process of typing the previous post where she wrote:

"Tim has had a tie-dying session with Imogen, Emily and Charlotte today with three gorgeuos T-shirts the result. (see future pictures, no doubt). " Here is a future picture!

"He will be darning socks and making jam tomorrow."

I tried, but I ended up darning jam.

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