Saturday, November 18, 2006

A New Book

Today we went to a book launch! I've never been to a book launch before. It was a children's book called Triggerfish and Trevally, which is a traditional tale from Murray Island, and the text has been "endorsed by Priests of the Anglican Church of Australia in the Torres Strait Region." I've never seen that before either!

The launch was held at Gab Titui, the cuktural centre here, and they had a Bouncy Castle (which collapsed twice (another thing I've never seen before!)). There was face painting and some (not very exciting) speeches and very nice coffee and fruit. There was also somebody else's birthday party going on at the same time. Nturally we bought a book, and got it signed by the author. Imogen listened to someone else reading it to their grandchildren. We haven't read it yet, but Imi tells us it's good.

We went swimming this afternoon, with Jo keeping a close eye out for crocodiles, but there weren't any (luckily). And we ended the day with a barbecue by the beach - just us, no big party.

It's been really, really windy today, so the sea has waves on it and walking along with the double buggy is like walking with a big sail.

Tomorrow we're on a boat to Horn Island for a look around.

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