Friday, November 17, 2006

Talking Nonsense!

Imogen has discovered a love of talking nonsense. (Some of you will say it runs in the family!) This evening Imi, Jo and I were lying on the bed playing a game of making up sentences which go something like: "I'm going to the flim flomple grap because that's where you paint cows purple." The best one came from Imogen about going somewhere "because that's where you buy a new shadow!" Profound. She went somewhere else where you "sell God."

Anyway, tonight we ate fish and chips while watching a touch football tournament. Next week there's a Rugby League tournament with Mathew Bowen coming to visit. I've never heard of him, but if you follow NRL apparently he's very famous indeed. Next week's tournament is called "Island of Origin" apparently.

I've had another day in the clinic - today I've been ranting at the Queensland Health Computer System - if you sat down to try and build a geeky computer system with lots of theoretical bells and whistles but absolutley useless at the pointy-end of clinical care it would look something like the Queensland Health Network. It's a huge state-wide network which greets you with a message from the Chief Exec or someone as if to say "Hello. I'm watching you" in corporate speak. They should just put a webcam on each computer and have done with it. Then the e-mail is clogged up with changes to policy: "If you are plugging in a laptop or other movable item somewhere other than where it is now you will need to speak to us first and register it, so we can make sure the right software is available otherwise we will not be able to provide adeqate support" Surely the point of laptops is that they move? I got my passwords today, only 3-4 months after applying for them and because I phoned up 3 separate departments (well 2, the other was only available on e-mail). Everyone was very polite and nice on the phone, so I suppose that's something.

I could go on and on and on and on - again some would say I do. But computers should be like ducks - serenely doing just what they're supposed to on the surface and any effort required happening away from sight underwater.

It's only because I have to handwrite prescriptions - timeconsuming, illegible, error-prone prescriptions on someone else's pad...

....and on and on.... {fades into silence as everyone goes and visits a more interesting blog......}

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