Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Mangoes and lemons

"You didn't buy mangoes, did you?" somone asked me 2 weeks ago at playgroup. I must admit, I had, but they were nowhere near as nice as the mangoes I picked up off the floor! As you walk around the island here you can't help but come across mangoes dripping off the trees, usually with lots of windfall (roadkill?) mangoes lying around. If they've dropped off recently, the birds or the ants haven't got to them and you can take them home and let them ripen.
(Mind you, I did try to climb a mango tree outside church on Sunday - perhaps I should have been singing "Closer my lord to thee" - but had to give up in embarrassment!)

The mangoes themselves are very tasty, but not quite as good as those which hang off the trees in Darwin, which are the best mangoes I've ever had - a Platonic Ideal of a mango, if you ask me.

Still on a fruity note, I made proper home-made lemonade today, and that too is delicious. Imogen couldn't get enough of it. I call it lemonade, but there were rather too many oranges and grapefruit in the fridge, so I put some of their juice in too.I shall have to patent the recipe. Except I can't remember it - er, juice, water, sugar and drink it.

Where is all this fruit coming from? Well, we've been very fortunate to join in with some friends of ours who order in bulk fruit and veg from Cairns for about 10 families, because it's much better than the expensive F&V in the shops here. (By the way, don't tell anyone else about this, as the people who run it can't take any more families on - so their identity shall remain a secret for now... You never thought this blog would be full of such suspense did you?)

We ate the fish tonight (see yesterday's post), and it was very nice. And my head is getting better!

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