Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Mondays have developed their own routine. It starts with waiting for Imogen's pre-school bus not to turn up. Then we all walk up to Imi's preschool. There's a bit of variation then - I have to choose which long way round to walk back home with Daddy's pretend bus. Yesterday, I walked through the cemetary and stopped half-way up the hill to talk to a woman. She looked quite surprised to see us there.
"Does this path stop in a dead end?" I asked.
"No. But it's a long way."
"Everything's a long way from here" I said.
"That's true"
"Last week I walked around that hill there. That was a long way, too"
"It is," she said, backing away slightly.
"Must keep on climbing" I said, leting her relax.
It wasn't that far, but it was pretty steep.
("Does it get any easier?" Jo asked me later.
"No." I said.)

The afternoon is taken up with collecting our box of vegetables from Cairns - it sounds like it takes a long time, but it's the chatting, playing, drinking cups of tea that takes a while. Pushing the pretend bus up a steep hill with a box of vegetables on it takes a while too.

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