Sunday, November 12, 2006

Yes, Jo has signed in. Its cool tonight, the breeze has picked up again and its lovely. I have the energy to add my bit to the blog tonight, instead of collapsing in a sweaty heap!
Where do I beign? Firstly, Imogen has learnt to snorkel, well and truly. We are very proud parents. She has seen a sea worm, something neither of her parents have ever seen!
Yep, we have all swum in the crocodile-infested seas and only lost a few digits, ha, ha. The water is like a massive warm bath. Emily relishes it very little but Charlotte is quite keen. The paddling pool feels a little safer for both of them though, I reckon!
I am back at work tomorrow, and I feel ready for another week of learning! The patients make the ward-work very rewarding, though. They are a funny, sarcastic, optimistic people here, I think. There is a real sense of these islands being their place, more of a feeling of culture, ownership and community than I have sensed on mainland Australia in aboriginal communities.
Church was good, this morning. The "Minister's Wife" gave the sermon; we never learnt her actual name. My favourite bits were her thanking God for the cooling breeze, and the assenting Hmmms and Yes Lords of the mainly Papua New Guinean congregation. And singing "Sweet Honey in the Rock" (six times!). No I'm not being sarcastic; I enjoyed it. I hope to have a sing-a-long Messiah organised before Christmas, but failing that, carols on the wards would suffice.
Enough from the "Wife of the Blogger". Stay well all who read, and in the words of the "Minister's Wife", "wake up happy in the morning". (I shall try, although it is likely to be a five o'clock start!)

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