Friday, October 13, 2006

Long Time No See

I've just come back from the RACGP conference in Brisbane. (That's why I've not posted for a while, obviously!) I'm usually a bit sceptical about "networking," and I think that's because I don't know anybody. This is what I was telling my colleague, when I realised I was stopping more often to greet old friends from Alice, from Darwin, from Campbelltown. Oooh, I like this networking thing!

At 2 conferences this year I have met GP heroes of mine. The first was Roger Neighbour, who is the president of the RCGP in the UK (about to retire) and has been one of the most influential GP teachers in the UK, probably in the world with his book "The Inner Consultation". The second was Chris del Mar the Dean of the new medical school at Bond University.

Both of these professors have an ability to explain complex ideas that we all think in a way that makes you say "Of course, that's exactly it!" They are also very nice people with nothing to prove, so helpful to mere mortals like me at the start of my career.

Enough about my secondary Queensland travels - the main event gets closer and closer. If we end up bankrupting ourselves (we are a bit worried) then you'll find ads on the site and you'll all have to click on them - both of you...

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