Wednesday, December 27, 2006

That Slideshow...

You know after Christmas where you invite all your friends and family to look at the pictures you took? Well this is That Slideshow. Except you can skip this instead because you're your hair. Or dying the cat purple. Or... well, any old excuse, really. And I'd never know you hadn't come. Isn't Web 2.0 great?
So, the first photo is from a few days ago, when we sang on the wards, and here you see us in all our glory!
The next few photos show our Christmas. The more observant of you will notice that we are not on an island somewhere, but still at home. As it was, Emily and Charlotte (and therefore all of us) had disturbed nights and were a bit grumpy. It was windy onChristmas, so the sea would have been rough and we just didn't feel up to that sort of trip, so we stayed at home, and had a lovely day. E & C ended up sleeping for most of the morning, which was a bit odd! We decorated our table and ate the turkey sandwiches we were going to have anyway, together with a delicious pasta salad.

Imogen, Emily and Charlotte can be seen exhibiting their new clothes, badges, stick on Christmas tattoos and big friendly dogs in these photos, not to mention dressing up. I don't know who that man is, but doesn't he look ridiculous?

On boxing day, we went to breakfast at one of the other doctors houses, and went swimming at the pool in the afternoon. Imogen spent the morning over at Reuben, Gracie and Mimi's house, seen here today in the final photo, and when we arrived to meet them at the pool, she was swimming under her own steam in the deep end!

Today was a quiet day, though Jo is on call, and it hasn't been quiet for her yet. It did become louder when the Arnold-Knotts came over, and we had a home-made milk-shake and a quick game of football.

We're all starting to think about going home now and looking forward to seeing everyone again.

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