Thursday, December 28, 2006

Jo's Go

I (JO) has begun to really enjoy the medicine here, just as I am finishing up. I have got to know the system, and a few recent challenges have gone O.K.! Two Caesarean section anaesthetics in the last week and even some people getting better under my care on the ward; very rewarding! However, there was no a/c in theatre yesterday afternoon and that was appalling!
A couple of funny remarks from Emily and Charlotte; on pushing them up the hill in the buggy to the unit, I often pant and groan a bit under the load, and their favourite two comments are: "Hard work, is it?" and "Tired, are you?" At that point I often say "Right, get out, you are both walking the rest of the way!!"
Emily also said to Charlotte today as the latter was trying to climb onto the former's bit of play equipment " Don't you ever, ever, ever, EVER do that!".
Charlotte said to me today as I was cooking the turkey risotto with them on the kitchen counter and listening to Pulp rather loudly, "Mummy, I don't actually like this noise!". I had to turn it down.

I know Tim mentioned it, but Imi can now really truly swim; no snorkel, no aids, nothing. Fantastic!
I shall miss this place; especially some of the lovely people we have met. It is a real meeting point for doctors who care about issues such as climate change, logging in the Amazon, raisning their children without too much stuff or tele or junk food, etc. However, I must say that my children have gorged somewhat on chocolate and jelly-beans during this adventure!
Anyway, we are off down the the breezy courtyard now to drink Cointreau and eat chocolates with our neighbours!

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