Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Pool Party

Sunday was Reuben's 5th birthday, and he had a party at the newly opened swimming pool. Imogen's swimming has come on in leaps and bounds - she can now swim along with her face in the water. Emily's and Charlotte's swimming is also coming along in leaps - big leaps into the pool, prefaced by "Move back, daddy," and followed by a big splash and lots of laughing.

There were lots of children at the party, mostly from Reuben's preschool, and the lots of children ate lots of food. The pool probably has bits of cake in it now.

Yesterday we were late for morning tea at Jess, Innes and Ziggy's, where lots of the play group families were meeting, and being Monday we brought home our big vegie box. I know I keep mentioning the vegie box, but I've realised it's one the the activities that gives structure to the week. "It's Vegie day - it must be Monday." Those of you worried for my mental health will be pleased to know there are no vegies next week, what with it being Christmas day. I don't think it'll be too hard to find something to write about, though.

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