Saturday, December 16, 2006

Going on an explursion

Listening to 5 year olds chat is fascinating. Imogen and Innes (a boy from the house opposite) were talking about their trip to the nearby beach, which Imogen later called "Going on an explursion." I think explursions will catch on. They seem to be a combination of exploring and an excursion, which is a very good description of what they were doing. (The hint of explosion must also make it even more exciting.)
"Even Ziggy could rock climb" says Imogen, referring to Innes' 2 year old brother.
"No. My daddy carried him" said Innes
"Yes," said Imogen. "If Emily and Charlotte wanted to come, then both my mummy AND daddy would have to come to carry them."
"We'll have to fix up a date when we can go rock climbing again" says Innes.
"Yes and we can take ropes, so if people are better climbers than us they can tie ropes to the top and pull us up"
"Except, we're very good climbers. so we could pull mummy and daddy to the top with the ropes"
"Yes. They'd have to be very thick ropes."
"Yes. Very thick ropes"
"Yes. Let's play kicking a ball to each other"
All of this was a very serious discussion, taking time to listen to what the other had to say. Watch and learn all you adults!

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