Sunday, December 03, 2006

Goodes Island

Friday was another busy day at PHC, and I taught at lunch time on "Neurology".

On Saturday (yesterday as I write this) we went with the Arnold-Notts on their boat again to a nearby Island. Emily and Charlotte came this time.

We swam (what else would you do?) and did some spectacularly unsucessful fishing for squid. Imogen snorkelled and just floated around. We had a picnic. In the photos it looks like quite a grotty little place, but it was very nice. However, there was a boat wreck, and an ancient rusted engine, some collapsed huts, an old collapsing jetty and even some old gun turrets.

We came home in the afternoon, briefly rested, and then had an outdoor party with an influx of children all 5 and under.

A new doctor has arrived for 1 month in December. And it's someone Jo knew at Medical School! He has 3 children - Innes, nearly 5, Ziggy, 2-and-a-half, and a 5 week old baby. They had been here for 5 years in the past, so they know everyone. Caitlin came and all the Arnold-Nott children came, and another of the doctor's nieces came (Emily and Anna, nearly another Bronte pair). Childcare is so much easier when they are all playign nicely. However, the mess it creates is enormous, so traditional roles reasserted themselves, as I went to church with the girls this morning while Jo cleaned!

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