Monday, December 11, 2006

Pearl Divers

Today we were back at Gab Titui, the cultural centre. They have an exhibition on about the pearling history on Thursday Island and the girls were fascinated. They were really disappointed to have to play on the playround, until I was able to finish my coffee and come into the exhibition with them. They watched a video from the 1960s called "Pearlers of the Coral Sea" and tried on a heavy diving helmet. For the rest of the day, they have been pearl divers. Their noght time story was about "the three bravest pearl diving sisters that ever there was" who found a magic oyster containing a huge pearl with black spots that looked just like Dimple, Imogen's favourite toy puppy!

If you think life is all pearl diving, I did manage to make a teddy bears picnic with Imogen this afternoon, and drew the best picture of a barbecue I've ever done (and that's not a sentence I write very often).

Tomorrow we're off to Moa Island to do clinics at the two communities there, Kubin and St. Pauls. Moa is one of the biggest Islands in the Torres strait. So no blogging for the next couple of days, though rumour has it that the health worker likes to take visitors out spear fishing - that'll be right up Charlotte's street.

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