Thursday, January 18, 2007

Imogen's 5th

That's 5th birthday, not 5th symphony, of course.

Last night Imogen uttered the previously unheard phrase "Can I go to bed now?"

She was up with Emily and Charlotte at 5:45am and we all opened her presents together. As a result of her presents she will be able to knit, sew and read complex 100 year old novels (The Wind in the Willows, if you're wondering. Alright, so it's only 99 years old. Surprised? I was!)

This evening we were fed at Jo's mum's with birthday cake and everything.

And what about the previous week? Well. My suggestion would be to start reading the following paragraph, and if you think it's really really boring, go back to one of the old posts and pretend we're on Thursday Island again. Ready?

We cleared out the garage.

What? Still here?

On Saturday we are having a party for Imogen and a small select group of friends and family where the house will be out of bounds. Much of the party will be in the garage. The forecast is for 38C heat, so we might be slightly mad. But the garage does have air conditioning. And a couple of fans. And it will have cake in. What more could you want?

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