Friday, January 12, 2007

Back on the Mainland

I've been prodded into action by discovering that a few observant readers checked the blog yesterday to see if I really was continuing to post on Thursdays. And I haven't. Until now.

So hello again, and happy new year.

This week we have all been trying to get back into out usual routine. I'm back working at Wentwest and Tharawal. Jo is preparing for her new job at ambulatory care in Campbelltown.

Imogen is revelling in seeing her friends Jem, Abbi, Emila, James, Kate and everyone else I may have missed. Emily and Charlotte have become addicted to pushing their dolls around in their buggies.

The garden is looking lovely, as there has been rain while we've been away - the first in about 400 years, and we've been eating home-grown cherry tomatoes.

On our arrival back at the house, April and Ethan had put up a big Welcome Home sign and left us with food. Having all the rest of the Picton gang visit that night made us feel very welcome.

Our next project is the visit of my parents, my sister and their twins in March. Could anyone lend us a caravan...?

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